Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Something Wicked . . .

Adam:  . . . Okay, so maybe I start off with a “Secret Stash”, then do a “Fantasy Literature Rewind” and then an opinion piece . . .

Jack: Ha ha ha ha HA!

Adam: What’s that?!  Who’s there?

Jack: Oh, it’s just me, lad!

Adam: Who are you!?  Why can I see right through you?  And what’s with the glowing pumpkin?

Jack: You don’t remember my name?  I’m disappointed.  I’m the rogue to end all rogues!  I’m the spook of spooks!  I’m “he who leads people astray”!  I’m the distant light in the cold, dark woods!  People call me Jack O’Lantern.

Adam: Oh, right.  I remember that story.  I didn’t think I’d ever meet a legendary ghost in the flesh, though.

Jack: Oh, I’m here all right.  I should also note that I’m the officially unofficial spirit of Halloween.  Your favorite holiday!   I should say, I’ve been reading your blog and I am disappointed.  A big fan of spooks and monsters like you and barely any mention of the dark side of folklore.  Where are the witches and monsters?  Where the ghosts and ghouls?  Where are the loup garou?  Heck, where are the ghost stories!?

Adam: Okay, okay.  You’re right.  I am a big fan of Halloween and I do love ghost stories.  I’ve loved them ever since I was little.  I also love legends and tall tales and myths.  However, here’s the thing, the blog is named Fairy Tale Fandom.  I can’t just stop what I’ve been doing to talk about ghost stories.  I already break from my mission statement enough when I post about stuff like Pinocchio and Through the Looking-Glass.

Jack: You misunderstand me.  I’m here to fix this egregious oversight and not really giving you a whole lot of choice.

Adam: Uh-oh . . .

Next Time: Fairy Tale Fandom becomes Scary Tale Fandom as Jack O’Lantern’s Halloween Takeover begins.

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