Other Blogs

Sur La Lune Fairy Tale Blog- A blog run by the internet's top source in annotated fairy tales.  An excellent source for book reviews and recommendations for scholarly works and works of fairy tale fiction.

Enchanted Conversation- An internet-published fairy tale magazine featuring intelligent, in-depth articles and original tales.

Once Upon a Blog- The blog of Ink Gypsy, self-proclaimed fairy tale newshound.  There are few better sources for up-to-date information on fairy tales in pop culture, arts and scholarship.

The Fairy Tale Lobby- A blog that opens up a dialogue between storytellers on various fairy tale topics, all of it facilitated by Vasilisa the Wise's two simpleton friends Sagacia and Simplia.

Tales of Faerie- A blog that frequently delves into a number of fairy tale topics relating to culture, history and perception of the tales, created by a blogger who has a real knack for stimulating debate and conversation.

The Grimm Report- News satire with a fairy tale spin.

Other Resources

The International Fairy Tale Filmography- An index of various films around the world based on and inspired by fairy tales.

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