Monday, February 24, 2014

Contemplating a New Title.

Okay, I've recently discovered that there is already a blog out there entitled "Geekily Ever After".  I blame myself for not doing a more extensive search when I was brainstorming names for this blog.  You see, I was afraid that if I wasted too much time before actually launching the blog, that I'd never get it done at all.  What this means though, is that I've got little in the way of search engine visibility because the other blog is older and more popular.  I still think my unique perspective of folk and fairy tales is worth writing about.  It takes into account the connection between folklore and other fantastical fiction and I have a feeling that my view might also be a little younger and a little more masculine than a lot of the other fairy tale blogs out there (no offense, ladies.  I love all of you and your work).  So, even with a name change, it would still be business as usual around here.  Also, the URL would pretty much stay the same.  Possible titles I'm considering are "Fairy Tale Geek", "Geek Kingdom", "Fairy Tale Fandom" and "Once Upon a Fandom".  I will continue to think up new possibilities and try them in Google and other search engines.  If anyone has any suggestions for new titles, post below and I may try them out.

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