Saturday, September 16, 2017

Going on hiatus.

So, yeah.

I'm going to be taking a little bit of a break from Fairy Tale Fandom.  Not sure how long.  A few months maybe.

Lately, I've been getting a bit burned out on fairy tale related material.  The thing is that I had been immersing myself in it for so long and seeing the same stuff depicted for so long that it started to feel like a bit too much of a chore.  In the process both my goal of posting something every calendar week as well as my storytelling hobby ended up being harder to keep up with.

While that was going on, I found myself having much more to say about other things I'm a fan of.  In the past few months I've had thoughts about comics, movies, TV and gaming that I've wanted to express and really no place to express them except my personal Facebook page.  So, I launched a second blog entitled Universes Beckon.  I mean, I suppose I could have written about that stuff on Fairy Tale Fandom but I would have had to tie it all back in to fairy tales and folklore, which wouldn't have been hard but also wouldn't necessarily have lined up with the points I wanted to make.

So, that's the deal.  No more Fairy Tale Fandom for a little while but I will continue to be posting on Universes Beckon.  I may pop in again to post a special Halloween post or something, but that's it.  I'm hoping to come back with a fresh perspective and maybe a new approach.  Right now, I'm having a lot of fun reading things that are not fairy tale retellings or folk tale collections for the first time in a couple of years.

So I'll see you again soon, just not too soon.


  1. Hey, I cant wait to see your Halloween post and I also want you to post something related to Halloween celebrations and the costumes etc. Hope you will post something.